Visa to acquire Rambus’ payments and ticketing business

PARTNER NEWS: Visa has announced it is to buy Rambus’ payments and ticketing businesses, to “expand enhanced security benefits of tokenization beyond Visa cards to any type of transaction, including domestic card networks, account-based and real-time payments systems.”


Rambus’ payments and ticketing business was formed in January 2016 when the Silicon Valley-based IP and chip provider acquired Bell ID and ticketing specialist Ecebs.

“The combination of Visa’s network tokenization capabilities with the local and account tokenization technology of Rambus will facilitate safer, more secure payments across all forms of global commerce,” the payments network says.

“Visa is one of the industry leaders in tokenization technology which replaces sensitive payment information with a unique identifier, or ‘token’, to make digital payments safer.

“Today, Visa offers these capabilities through Visa Token Service for card-based payments on the Visa network. Rambus’ token technology will enable Visa to extend the security and convenience of tokenization to all types of transactions beyond Visa cards, including those on domestic card networks, account-based and real-time payments systems.”

“Facilitating safer, more secure digital transactions is core to Visa’s brand promise and central to growing electronic payments for everyone, everywhere. As the way people and businesses pay and get paid continues to evolve, the addition of Rambus’ technology will allow us to deliver greater security beyond the card to support more transactions, payments systems and participants,” TS Anil, global head of payment products and platforms at Visa, explains.

“Going forward, we will apply these expanded capabilities, expertise and scale to help further all forms of global commerce.”

“Rambus Payments and Ticketing solutions are at the forefront of tokenization technology,” adds Jerome Nadel, general manager of payments and ticketing at Rambus.

“Joining forces with Visa as a payments leader will allow the group to scale technology and capabilities to deliver new products and services to the market, while continuing to partner with existing customers.”

“Beyond tokenization, Rambus’ digital ticketing portfolio and expertise in transit complement Visa’s commitment to delivering global transit and mobility solutions to public transit operators, technology partners and cities around the world,” Visa adds.

“Visa has nearly 250 transit projects underway around the world, helping millions of people get where they are going faster and easier than ever before. Visa will continue to support public transport operators, clients and partners to deliver new forms of acceptance and mobility solutions, helping improve the passenger experience for billions of journeys.”

The transaction is subject to relevant regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, Visa adds.

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