Alipay demonstrates offline QR payments for public transport fares

Alipay has shown off a QR code-based payment system designed for public transit that can process transactions even when both the commuter’s device and the terminal are offline.

Alipay The company’s EasyGo service supports ‘dual offline’ payment functionality to allow payments to be completed even if network quality is poor, reports ComputerWorld HK, with payments taking an average of 0.3 seconds to complete.

In a demonstration at Hong Kong’s Smart Mobility Technology Forum, 19 users — the maximum capacity of a green minibus — scanned EasyGo codes in quick succession, according to the report.

AlipayHK, the payments giant’s Hong Kong offshoot, will initially implement EasyGo in light minibuses operated by AMS Public Transportation Holdings and Koon Wing Motors, though the launch date has not yet been announced.

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