Samsung integrates Hong Kong’s Octopus card into Samsung Pay

Samsung teams up with Octopus to launch exclusively the first “Smart Octopus” in Samsung Pay — Octopus Holdings — “Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay will enable NFC payment at all Octopus acceptance points, covering public transport as well as over 21,000 retail outlets, online shopping, recreational facilities, vending machines, self-service kiosks; plus the use of parking and access control facilities at residential or commercial premises.”

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  1. While that’s great news to hear, however it would been better if at least Android Pay was also a partner for the launch of Smart Octopus with support for all Android Pay-supported NFC/FeliCa-enabled devices. The current Octopus Mobile SIM is very limited in terms of carrier and device support ( ). HCE-F technical documents and specifications are already available ( ). However, I really hope with the Smart Octopus implementation on Samsung Pay, this would provision future implementations on other common mobile payments platforms including Android Pay, Apple Pay, Huawei Pay, LG Pay, Xiaomi Pay, etc.

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