UK supermarket pilots self-checkout service that lets shoppers scan and pay by smartphone

Sainsbury’s to launch app which helps customers avoid checkout queues — The Independent — “Sainsbury’s are currently testing the app at their London Euston station store meaning that shoppers can buy the £3 ‘On the Go’ meal deal by simply scanning the products and paying using their phone. As soon as payment is confirmed, customers are free to leave the store without the hassle of time-consuming queues.”

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  1. If reduced staffing and job losses are a concern, perhaps apps like this may be more suitable for retailers where all (not select) products for sale have those anti-theft security tags, products for sale are magnetized, or both. Then the store clerk only need to collect and handle cash, card, and contactless in-person transactions (if a shopper doesn’t want to pay directly in-app), and remove the tags and/or demagnetize the products. Apps like this could also be suitable for libraries to speed up item check-out.

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