Hyundai builds car with contactless payments for Stand Up To Cancer donations

Hyundai Contactless Car
DRIVING FOR GOOD: Hyundai’s Contactless Car offers a simple way to give to charity

UK consumers will soon be able to make contactless donations to the Stand Up To Cancer charity by tapping their contactless card or NFC mobile phone against five payment points built into a Contactless Car designed by Hyundai Motor UK using a zero-emission Ioniq electronic vehicle.

Members of the public will be able to see the Contactless Car for the first time inside London’s King Cross station later this month. Following its launch, the car will be driven across the UK, “appearing at a number of Hyundai and Stand Up To Cancer events between May and November 2017”.

“Featuring five contactless donation points, the bespoke Ioniq will provide a quick, convenient and unique way for the public to tap to give in order to make a secure donation to Stand Up To Cancer,” the car manufacturer says.

“Each donation of either £5 (US$6.50) or £10 (US$13) will trigger the innovative car to thank people for their generosity with an audio or visual cue or an electronic movement. The Ioniq’s number plates will also become a digital totaliser which will increase every time someone donates.”

Instant reaction

“Working with specialist technology and fabrication partners, the Contactless Car will be custom-made using Ardunio micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi micro-computers to ensure that the car reacts instantaneously to each and every contactless donation,” Hyundai adds.

“The contactless readers will be embedded seamlessly into the panels of the Ioniq vehicle and will be adapted to co-ordinate with the bespoke LED totaliser that will be built into the front and rear number plates.”

“Our world-first Contactless Car will be designed to make joining the rebellion against cancer as easy, convenient and as engaging as possible,” says Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai UK.

“It’s an exciting partnership that brings a fun and simple way of donating to the masses,” adds Rachel Carr, head of Stand Up To Cancer. “We’re hoping people across the UK will be impressed and inspired by the vehicle and will choose to tap and donate to support Stand Up To Cancer’s work to bring kinder and better treatments to patients faster.”

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