Google Wallet unveils payments app for web browsers

Google Wallet
WALLET UPGRADE: Users can send money by entering the recipient’s name

Google has unveiled a new Google Wallet web app that will allow users to send money to friends and family through a web browser. The recipient doesn’t need the Google Wallet app to receive the payment, the company says, but senders need to link their debit card to their Google account and have access to a browser.

“The new #GoogleWallet web app is here,” Google writes in a blog post. “A fast and free way to pay friends and family, even if they don’t have the Wallet app, Now, receive money instantly with only a debit card.”

Users will be able to send money by entering the recipient’s name as well as an optional memo, with money deducted from their registered debit card.

Google relaunched Google Wallet as a P2P payment solution in September 2015 after plans to update the Google Wallet app were unveiled in May of the same year.

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