Apple Pay to expand to mobile websites?

Apple Pay will be available as a payment option on mobile websites “before this year’s holiday shopping season”, Re/code reports. “The service will be available to shoppers using the Safari browser on models of iPhones and iPads that possess Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology,” the publication says. “Apple has also considered making the service available on Apple laptops and desktops too, though it’s not clear if the company will launch that capability.”

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  1. Every option to entering my credit card number online is good for my personal security. Online merchants who accept credit card numbers, in preference to proxies like PayPal, Amazon, Apple Pay, or MasterPass, deserve the fraudulent transactions that they get. They are contributing to “card not present” fraud and the related loss of consumer confidence.

    Not only do we need to go “cardless,” we need to stop accepting credit card numbers. These need to be reduced to the account numbers that they really should be.

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