Nebraska’s Union Bank & Trust to launch HCE mobile payments

Customers of Union Bank & Trust (UBT) in Nebraska, USA will soon be able to make host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payments via a mobile app that uses a solution from digital payments provider Prairie Cloudware.

UBT The Digital Payments Guardian acts as a secure vault that lets customers use and manage checking accounts, credit, debit, store and gift cards and is provided as a software-as-a-service solution, Prairie Cloudware says.

“UBT will use Digital Payments Guardian to support its mobile wallet for Android users, positioning its Visa cards as a convenient and secure top of wallet option,” the company adds. “Prairie Cloudware and UBT intend to offer the same services to iPhone users once Apple opens up its ecosystem to developers outside their company.”

“The mobile payments revolution is in its very earliest days and mainstream adoption depends on financial institutions taking the lead,” says Doug Parr, chief revenue officer of Prairie Cloudware. “Consumers have repeatedly indicated that they prefer to consume mobile payments via the existing relationships they have with their banks.”

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