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Barclaycard update shows HCE feature

Barclaycard has begun updating its mobile app in preparation for the rollout of its host card emulation (HCE) mobile payments feature. “Our development team released an update to the Barclaycard app this week, which means some users will now be able to see the feature,” Barclaycard told NFC World. “More updates and full functionality will follow in the new year.”

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    1. I can sort of see it. There is nothing in the app for me, but it does appear in the ‘Tap & Pay’ section in Settings

      1. Same actually but the HSBC app has had that for about a year and no actual payment facility! I read this as some users would be able to actually pay with it

          1. Ahh didn’t know that. I only got my Barclaycard a few weeks ago when I heard of this functionality, so that’s why I only just noticed it was in this section

          2. Well you’re right it is new for Barclaycard 🙂 Vodafone wallet is the only current android scheme I know of in the UK and it only has 1 prepaid card available. Although apparently launching add your own mastercard before Xmas! Sadly you need to be on Vodafone to get it as it uses the sim not hce

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