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Urevu unveils wearable BLE beacons for customer reviews

uRevu customer service rating app

Shop owners and service providers could in future get real-time feedback on the service delivered by individual members of their staff, and thus improve the experience delivered to customers, thanks to a new mobile app from New York-based startup uRevu.

The employee rating app works in conjunction with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon worn by staff members so that customers who have the app can score individual shop staff from one to five stars instantly.

The beacons are being supplied by Gimbal and are designed to stick to the employee’s name tag. Opted-in customers with the app downloaded on their device will be prompted when entering into a uRevu-enabled location to participate.

“The idea is to improve customer service,” Brock Wylan, co-founder of uRevu, explained to NFC World+. “You can choose to opt in. If you do, you immediately see the photo of the person that’s serving you right on your screen; you just click from one to five stars, you have the option to leave additional comments and, when you submit the review, that review goes directly to the corporation.”

A video shows a demonstration of uRevu in action:

“Implementation is very simple and very easy,” Wylan added. “We are in a beta stage. We have our first test client, which is a limousine company in New York City, but we are speaking with several health clubs [and] a major car rental chain.”

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