Clear2Pay explains HCE, tokenization and the role of testing with infographic

PARTNER NEWS: Conformance testing specialist Clear2Pay has put together an infographic that visually explains host card emulation (HCE), how it is used and why testing is necessary in a mobile payments system.

The company’s HCE-Tokenization Testing 101 poster also explains tokenization and goes on to illustrate how the technology can be used along with HCE to secure mobile payments.

An additional section explains why testing is critical in every part of a payments system, to ensure conformance with payment brand rules, compliance with technical specifications and to provide end-to-end quality to guarantee a universally positive user experience.

Those already well versed in the concepts will find the graphic is an ideal explainer for colleagues that want to understand more about how NFC mobile payments work.

Clear2Pay HCE tokenization infographic

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  1. How can you suggest testing when most of the technical implementation and operating details are not defined in the framework!

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