Pizza Hut raises Apple Pay concerns

“I am more pessimistic about Apple Pay’s impact than most people here,” Danny Sullivan, VP of global digital experience at Pizza Hut has told attendees at the Mobile Shopping Summit 2014, Mobile Commerce Daily reports. “I had a call with Apple last week and right now it is only a payment system for apps. It is shut off from the mobile web, which I think everyone knows is a bigger part of everyone’s business from mobile devices.”

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  1. Yep, sounds like you’re focused on making sure that the customer has a great experience and so actually uses the payment solution Danny. No doubt you’ll implement a ‘wonderful’ customised Pizza Hut app that mines customers for their data, but, but, but, – in your mind – provides lots of reasons why your ‘customers will love it’ and find it easy… But then you’ll discover that your low adoption and use rates make the whole exercise pointless, and you’ll just implement NFC solutions like Apple Pay… Sighhh

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