Video demos show how Apple Pay users will make a payment with the iPhone 6

Apple Pay demo by Techcrunch
DEMO: Techcrunch’s video shows Apple Pay NFC mobile payments in action

Videos of Apple staff demonstrating how Apple Pay will be used to make payments in stores and for in-app purchases have now been made available, providing further details of how the new mobile payments service will work.

“Passbook is the central point for Apple Pay on the iPhone where your credit cards and accounts reside,” Engadget reports.

“This is where you set everything up on the phone (whether you manually add the info or use the camera to take an image of your card), but when it comes to actually making the payment, it’s simply a matter of holding the device within an inch of any payment terminal that supports NFC contactless payments (a lot of merchants now offer these stations in stores), holding your finger onto Touch ID for a fingerprint scan, and presto — the payment’s gone through, and you receive a notification telling you how much you just spent.

“The same goes for online checkouts through ecommerce sites: When it comes time to pay up, you just need to use Touch ID. (If you don’t want to use the default credit card, you need to go into Passbook to use it.)”

Users will be able to set a default card that purchases will be automatically charged to unless they choose to switch to a different card for a particular transaction, a demonstration filmed by Techcrunch at the launch on 9 September shows.

Switching between cards has been made very easy, as Apple Pay users will be able to flip swiftly between images of each stored card at the checkout and then simply select the one they wish to use to pay, the video also demonstrates. Users will also get a notification of the payment on their iPhone.

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