Pajco lets US consumers pay by mobile at the pump


Pajco, owner of convenience store chains Rhodes 101 and Mercato di Rodi, is working with NCR to offer its customers the ability to pay for fuel by scanning a QR code on a fuel dispenser with their mobile phone.

The service is available at 26 locations to customers with a Rhodes 101 branded charge card or a new Advantages Pay Plus Card that they link to their Rhodes 101 To Go! iOS or Android app. As well as paying at the pump with their mobile device, the service also provides digital receipts, purchase tracking, special offers, a location finder and lower fuel prices.

To pay using the app, customers select the mobile payment option on the main menu and tap the ‘begin fueling’ option. They then scan the QR code located on the fuel dispenser and enter their PIN. A pump selection screen then opens that allows the customer to choose the amount of fuel they wish to have dispensed.

They then tap ‘begin purchase’, select their fuel grade on the dispenser and being pumping. When they have finished fueling, they can tap ‘see receipt’ to prompt the service to email a copy of their receipt and then click ‘done’ to complete the purchase.

A video shows the payment process in action:

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