PayPal tests beacons

PayPal Beacon, a mobile payment service that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to let shoppers make “hands free” payments, is now undergoing pilot testing in Palo Alto. “We’re trying to make the payments disappear for people who want them to disappear,” Hill Ferguson, PayPal’s chief product officer, told Bloomberg TV. PayPal Beacon is also being pilot tested in Australia, ahead of a wider rollout planned for later this year.

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  1. I was chatting with someone recently about paying with PayPal in real life – there were some promos happening where if you paid with PayPal at some local eateries, you’d get 50% off the bill ~ which was awesome – but with tap to pay credit cards being so popular in Australia –

    it’s so much more troublesome to: 1 unlock phone 2 open last pass 3 type pin 3 copy paypal password 4 open PayPal app 5 paste in password 6 search for restaurant/cafe 7 check in to pay (rather than 1 get wallet 2 take out card 3 tap it on the machine 4 put card back 5 put wallet in pocket)

    But if you could have PayPal always active, though secure/ only available through legit terminals, you could give a one use pass code or something to pay with your voice – no wallet/ phone needed?~ hmmm..

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