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  1. How does this work? Do I have to do anything other than activate the app on the phone? Do I have the data up and ready to transmit.

    1. This works if u go to settings… network settings… enable nfc. I have found one cool thing is download google wallet. This will able u to checkout with your phone I stead of your credit/debit card. You put the card info on the phone and the nfc chip does the rest. I went to walgreens and it started taking money off the bill because I joined the walgreens discount club, you should’ve seen her. Ace she thought I was hacking her register.
      the one misleading thing about wallet is the wallet balance, it doesnt mean its prepaid money. The walet balance only works on google stuff like the play store. I just downloaded this 2 weeks ago and love it. Tons of stores accept it already.

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