BC Transit rolls out contactless fare payments with fare capping in British Columbia

BC Transit Umo app with QR code and making contactless payment on bus validator in British Columbia
MOBILE PAYMENT: Passengers pay by scanning a dynamic QR code stored in the Umo app on their phone

Passengers travelling on Victoria Regional Transit System services in the Canadian province of British Columbia can now opt to pay their fares using a pre-loaded contactless card or by scanning a dynamic QR code stored in a dedicated app on their Apple or Android smartphone.

Public transportation provider BC Transit has launched the Umo Mobility app that enables users to create an account and purchase passes or add cash for fare-capped onboard fare payments, alongside the physical Umo transit card that can be topped up online, by phone or at selected vendors.

“When ready to travel, riders open their app to display a dynamic QR code that serves as their fare product. As riders board the bus, they present their app’s QR code to a new onboard digital validator,” BC Transit explains.

“The Umo app also provides riders with additional tools to help them plan their trip including real-time information and maps. 

“Riders also have the choice of using a reloadable Umo card. The card is designed for continued use and can be continually topped up with fare products.”

A short video shows how the Umo fare payments system works.

Following the rollout in Victoria, BC Transit plans to launch the Umo fare payments system across another 29 regional transit networks in the province and is also planning to enable open loop contactless fare payments “at a future date”.

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