EU mandates contactless payments for EV charging and hydrogen refuelling stations

Illustration showing EU aims for sustainable living including contactless payment terminals for EV charging
SUSTAINABILITY: The payment rules form part of the EU’s ‘Fit for 55 in 2030’ plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The European Parliament has approved a new set of rules governing electric vehicle (EV) charging and hydrogen fuelling stations that requires service providers to enable drivers of alternative fuel vehicles to make contactless payments with a card or mobile device without needing a subscription when charging or refuelling.

The rules form part of the EU’s Fit for 55 in 2030 plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared with the 1990 level. They aim to make EV charging and other alternative fuelling stations easier to use and to improve infrastructure by ensuring that such stations are deployed at regular intervals on Europe’s key road networks.

“Users of alternative fuel vehicles will have to be able to pay easily at recharging points (with payment cards or contactless devices and without a need to have a subscription), while the price of these ‘fuels’ will have to be displayed per kWh, kg or per minute/session. MEPs ensured that the Commission will set up an EU ‘database’ on alternative fuels data by 2027 to provide consumers with information on the availability, waiting times or price at different stations,” the EU says.

The news follows the UK Government’s announcement earlier this year that it wants to see “a minimum standard for payment across all [EV] chargepoints” and that “consumers should be able to rely on their chosen payment method” which “could include a form of contactless payment”.

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