JR West to roll out digital ICOCA transit and payments card for Apple users

JR West digital ICOCA transit and payments card on Apple Watch and iPhone
ICOCA: Users will soon be able to store and use a digital version of the transit card on their Apple device

Apple users in Japan will soon be able to store and top up a digital version of rail operator JR West’s ICOCA prepaid contactless transit card in Apple Wallet and use it to pay their fares for bus and rail journeys with a tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Users will also be able to make in-store purchases with the digital card at some 1.5m retail outlets across Japan that support ICOCA card payments.

“The IC card ticket ICOCA will be compatible with Apple Pay in 2023,” JR West says.

“ICOCA’s service, which allows you to pay for transportation and shopping simply by touching your mobile device to the card reader, will be available with Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

“Add your ICOCA card to Apple Wallet and use ICOCA on Apple Pay to pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

“Of course, you will be able to use Apple Pay to top up and purchase commuter passes anywhere.

“We will inform you about the content and start date of the service at a later date.”

JR West’s announcement follows the launch of a Mobile ICOCA card for Android users in March.

The rail operator began trialling contactless biometric fare payments at stations in Osaka in January.

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