Silverstein lets World Trade Center workers add their employee IDs to Apple Wallet

Silverstein staff using digital corporate ID in Apple Wallet to access World Trade Center
DIGITAL ID: Apple users add their digital employee badge to Wallet and tap their phone to enter the building

Apple users working at the 7 World Trade Center office building in New York in the US can now gain access to the building, their workplace and shared amenities with a tap of their NFC-enabled iPhone or Apple Watch using a digital employee badge stored in Wallet.

Silverstein Properties, the US real estate development and management firm that owns the building, has rolled out digital employee badges both for its own staff and for those of the tenants of 7 World Trade Center, enabling them to add the digital credential to Apple Wallet after an initial setup via Silverstein’s Inspire app.

“Once an employee badge is added to Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch, users can hold their device near the door’s NFC-enabled lock to access secured areas,” technology provider HID Global says.

“With Express Mode, tenants don’t need to unlock their device to use their badge in Apple Wallet. If their iPhone needs to be charged, they can still use the device to access their office or amenity areas for up to five hours with Power Reserve.

“The contactless access through the Inspire app also allows Silverstein customers to access shared office space on specific days. For example, one company could lease an office suite at 7 World Trade Center on Monday and Tuesday, and another company could lease the same space on Wednesday through Friday.”

The solution uses HID Global’s Seos credential technology along with the HID Origo mobile credential lifecycle management cloud platform and HID Signo readers to provide “an intuitive, private and secure access transaction”.

Following the rollout at the 7 World Trade Center building, Silverstein plans to offer the service to its other office customers in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles “in the coming months”.

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