Germany to launch digital ID cards in autumn 2021

German digital ID card
NATIONAL ID: From autumn, Germans will be able to store a digital version of their ID card on their phone

German citizens will be able to securely store a digital version of their government-issued ID card on their smartphone from the autumn of 2021, the German government’s Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community has announced.

“The Interior Ministry said Wednesday that from this fall, citizens will be able to use the ID stored in their smartphones together with a PIN to prove they are who they claim to be when communicating with authorities or private businesses,” according to Associated Press.

“Germans are frequently required to present credit card-sized cards featuring their photo and personal details, such as when applying for benefits, opening bank accounts or registering a vehicle.

“While there are already ways of doing this online, the physical card and a card reader are currently required.”

Germany revealed plans to roll out a national digital identity service in July 2020.

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