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Mobile app just the ticket for Barcelona fans

FC Barcelona mobile ticket
FOOTBALL PHONES: Supporters scan a QR code at the turnstile to enter the Nou Camp

Fans of FC Barcelona are now able to use their smartphones instead of paper tickets to gain access to the Nou Camp stadium. The Spanish club has launched the Mobile Ticket project, a service that allows fans and members to store match tickets or Camp Nou Experience tickets on their iPhone or Android device.

Fans download the relevant app – Passbook for iPhone and iPod, or PassWallet for Android tablets and phones – and then store the tickets, bought online at the club’s official website, in the app.

When they arrive at the stadium, the QR code provided with the Mobile Ticket is scanned at the turnstile, giving them access to the match.

A video has been produced to show the new service in action:

The club’s director responsible for new technologies, Didac Lee, said the launch would be followed by new functions for mobile devices that will “allow fans and members to improve their experience with the club”.

“The objective in the area of technology is to bring the club closer to members and fans and we believe the mobile is the most useful tool to do this, because it is within everybody’s reach and it opens up the possibility of making this relation easier,” he said.

“The Mobile Ticket scheme is an example of how technology can make access to the ground easier and more comfortable, and it is not the only service of this type.”

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