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Dejamobile is a fintech and software solution provider that specialises in mobile transaction services.

Dejamobile enables service providers to easily and quickly deploy innovative mobile transaction services based on the latest technologies including NFC, HCE, tokenization, QR Code, biometrics, software and hardware security, and more.

The company’s solutions address digital use cases in sectors including payment, transport and mobility, retail and distribution.

White label mobile payments for banks and issuers

Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment is a white-label mobile payment solution that allows banks and issuers to digitise cards through their own wallets or OEM Pay wallets.

ReadyToTap Payment is CB, Pure, Visa and MasterCard compliant and enables in-store, online, in-app and P2P payments, offering the same user experience and the highest level of security thanks to built-in PSD2-compliant strong customer authentication technology.

Meet the experts…

Executives from Dejamobile are on the NFC World Expert Panel and are ready to answer your questions:

Houssem Assadi • Chief Executive Officer

Dejamobile's Houssem AssadiHoussem Assadi is chairman and CEO at Dejamobile, which he co-founded in 2012.

Houssem is happy to take technical questions on mobile payments and security, OEM Pay integration, user experience and PSD2 strong customer authentication.

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Lorcan Burke • Chief Growth Officer

Dejamobile's Lorcan BurkeLorcan Burke is chief growth officer at Dejamobile.

Lorcan is happy to take questions on on virtual card issuing, mobile wallets, prepaid and HCE implementation.

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Ahmad Saif • Chief Technology Officer

Dejamobile's Ahmad SaifAhmad Saif is the chief technology officer at Dejamobile, which he co-founded in 2012.

Ahmad is happy to take questions on NFC payments, HCE implementation and tokenization — and especially on technical issues.

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Eric Le Tréhour • Chief Sales Officer

Dejamobile's Eric Le TréhourEric Le Tréhour leads Dejamobile’s business development and industry partnership activities.

Eric is happy to answer questions on mobile wallets, HCE and QR code implementation, OEM Pay integration, and strong customer authentication.

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