McDonald’s trials contactless fast food outlet in Texas

Man picking up order at McDonald’s contactless fast food outlet in Texas

McDonald’s is testing an automated contactless system at an outlet near Fort Worth in the US state of Texas that enables customers to order, pay for and collect food and beverages prepared by staff in the outlet’s kitchen from a conveyor belt without needing to use a conventional checkout or pick up their orders from a front-of-house employee... More

Three in four airline passengers want biometric ID to replace passports and boarding passes

IATA airline passenger survey infographic about biometric ID preference

Three in four airline passengers worldwide want to use biometric data to verify their identity when they travel rather than their passport and boarding pass (75%) in order to simplify, speed up and facilitate airport processes such as check-in, security and border control, an International Air Transport Association (IATA) survey has found... More

Balmain adds NFC tags to Pokémon clothing range

French fashion house Balmain clothing with NFC tags

Luxury fashion brand Balmain Paris has added NFC tags to jackets and patches in its Balmain x Pokémon range that enable purchasers to unlock rewards and access an immersive digital experience by tapping the tag with their Apple or Android NFC smartphone... More

Dutch rail network to trial contactless open loop fare payments

Woman making contactless open loop payment at Dutch train station using smartphone

Rail operator NS in the Netherlands is to pilot a contactless open loop fare payment system that will enable passengers to pay for their train fares by tapping their physical debit or credit card or their digital debit card stored on a smartphone or smartwatch at the beginning and the end of their journey... More

Nike and Rtfkt use NFC to link physical clothing with NFTs

Nike and Rtfkt hoodies with NFC to link physical clothing with NFTs

Nike and its digital fashion brand Rtfkt have launched a hoodie incorporating an NFC chip that enables purchasers to connect it to a digital version of the garment in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be ‘worn’ by digital avatars in Rtfkt’s Clone X avatar ecosystem... More

Nearly 100m US consumers will be scanning QR codes by 2025

Graph from eMarketer forecasting that nearly 100m US consumers will be scanning QR codes for multiple use cases by 2025

The number of US consumers who use their smartphone to scan QR codes to make contactless payments and for a wide range of other use cases such as scanning codes in print publications, on restaurant menus and in retail outlets will rise from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million by 2025, according to an Insider Intelligence forecast... More