What's New in Payments

Visa reports 80% drop in card-present fraud at US chip-enabled merchants

Chip technology helped reduce counterfeit fraud by 80% — Visa — “Since the EMV shift, the adoption of chip technology has reduced card present (CP) counterfeit payment fraud by 80% at chip-enabled merchants… Over 3.1m merchant locations are now accepting chip cards… 98% of overall US payment volume in December was on EMV cards.”

What's New in Payments

US Secret Service issues ‘chip switch’ card scam warning

Secret Service warns of chip card scheme — Krebs On Security — “The US Secret Service is warning financial institutions about a new scam involving the temporary theft of chip-based debit cards issued to large corporations. In this scheme, the fraudsters intercept new debit cards in the mail and replace the chips on the cards with chips from old cards. When the unsuspecting business receives and activates the modified card, thieves can start draining funds from the account.”

What's New in Payments

Half of US stores are now equipped to process chip cards

Chip-enabled merchants up; Counterfeit fraud down — Visa — “As of the end of June 2017, 2.3m US merchant locations, 50% of storefronts, are chip enabled. And with more than 449m Visa chip cards in the country, representing 62% of Visa cards, counterfeit fraud has continued to decline — 58% at chip-enabled merchants in March 2017 when compared to March 2016.”

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