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All the headlines from the last seven days on NFCW…

  1. Swedish sportswear brand adds NFC zippers to enhance customer engagement 30 July 2021
  2. Unspent stored value on Starbucks prepaid cards nears US$1.63bn 29 July 2021
  3. Strasbourg rolls out interoperable NFC ticketing for all Android devices 29 July 2021
  4. Australian public hearing considers case for regulatory controls to ensure payment apps get access to smartphone NFC technology 28 July 2021
  5. Santa Barbara gets fare capped open loop contactless ticketing as California rollout expands 28 July 2021
  6. Estonia’s central bank tests blockchain-powered digital euro solution 28 July 2021
  7. Oman to make it mandatory for all merchants to accept cashless payments 27 July 2021
  8. Juniper forecasts contactless card transactions will total US$2.5tn globally in 2021 27 July 2021

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