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Valencia commuters to test NFC wristbands for public transport

Some 100 commuters across the Spanish city of Valencia are preparing to trial NFC wristbands for public transport payments across buses, the metro and parking stations for bicycle rental. It will be conducted by transport operators EMT Valencia, MetroValencia and Valenbisi in collaboration with EIGE, a low income housing program. More

Transit Ticketing Today

Lenovo launches NFC transport payments in Beijing

Lenovo Oberthur

Commuters in Beijing can now use Lenovo X3 smartphones to make NFC mobile payments across public transportation services. The option has been launched by the handset maker in collaboration with Oberthur Technologies (OT) and transportation card provider Beijing Municipal Administration and Communications Card Co (BMAC). More

Transit Ticketing Today

Translink announces contactless ticketing for Northern Ireland

Translink invesment

Public transport operator Translink has announced plans for contactless payments across its bus and rail services in Northern Ireland. The move comes as part of a £45m (US$60m) investment by the Northern Ireland Executive and will, says Translink, “transform travel and lead to an increase in the number of people using public transport”. More