About the NFCW email newsletter service

The NFCW email newsletter service keeps you up to date so you don’t have to remember to keep coming back to our website to stay in touch with the industry.

Before you sign up you should know that we make it super easy to get on and off our email list, and to change what you get from us at any time. And when you ask for a change, it happens right away. When you entrust us with your email address and permission to send you email, we take it very seriously.

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What can I expect from this list?

Every Wednesday our core service provides you with a concise summary of the top stories published over the last seven days.

You can also tailor the service to meet your specific needs by opting in to our special interest newsletters, so that you can keep up-to-date with just the topics of most importance to you:

  • NFCW Daily subscribers receive a daily email with details of the new articles we have published across NFCW that day.
  • What’s New in Payments subscribers receive an email alerting them to new articles published by What’s New in Payments that day.
  • NFC World subscribers receive an email alerting them to new articles published by NFC World that day.
  • Transit Ticketing Today subscribers receive an email alerting them to new articles published by Transit Ticketing Today that day.
  • NFCW Knowledge Centre member news subscribers receive an email alerting them to new resources added to the NFCW Knowledge Centre that day.

We don’t send daily emails on days when no relevant items have been published.

How to update your preferences

You can change what you get from us or unsubscribe easily at any time. Daily? Weekly? Only certain subjects? It’s your choice…

  • You can use the update my preferences link that appears at the bottom of every email we send you to opt in or out of additional services, such as our daily news alerts, at any time.
  • You can completely remove yourself from the list at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of every email we send you.
  • The update my preferences link can also be used to change your email address at any time.

We respect your privacy

You can find full details in our privacy policy, but the short story is we don’t track whether or not you open our newsletters, and we don’t track the links you click. What you read is strictly your own business. The only personally identifiable information we hold in connection with your newsletter subscription is your email address and we don’t share your subscription status or email address with anyone else.

We take your privacy very seriously and treat your information in accordance with our privacy policy and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

How to join our email list

We use a two stage ‘double opt-in’ sign-up process for your protection:

  • Stage 1 Hit the ‘sign up’ button to visit our email preferences page and choose the services you want to get.

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  • Stage 2 You will immediately get a confirmation email. Check your inbox and click on the link in the message to activate your subscription. If you don’t get the email within ten minutes you may want to check if it has been routed to your junk mail folder. Some corporate email systems have over-zealous spam filters and fail to deliver the confirmation email. If this happens to you, we suggest you try signing up again with a different email address — maybe one from Gmail or another public email provider.

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