NFCW invites readers to showcase their contactless products and services at Contactless World Congress

NFCW Contactless World Congress event calendar
SUPPLIER SHOWCASE: Exhibitors can reach a massive, highly targeted audience, all year round

Each of NFCW’s Contactless World Congress events in 2023 will include a supplier showcase session that will let readers discover the latest products and services from across the contactless ecosystem — just like they would when visiting the exhibition floor at a physical event. Here’s how it works and how you can take part.

Our supplier showcase sessions bring the exhibition floor to the main conference stage for a ‘quick fire’ series of product presentations and demos that replace the need for attendees to travel to a physical event to learn about new contactless products and services.

“Just like at a physical trade show, where attendees are able to mix listening to conference presentations with visiting the show floor to discover new products and services, Contactless World Congress attendees will also be able to achieve both these goals,” NFCW Editor Sarah Clark says.

“This is crucial at a time where willingness to travel to physical events is lower than it was pre-Covid due to travel budgets being cut, reluctance to travel for health reasons and the sheer business efficiency of conducting supplier research on one’s own timetable from one’s own desk.

“And, because it’s online, it’s also highly cost-efficient. Our exhibitors are able to reach a massive, highly targeted audience all year round for less than the cost of exhibiting at just one small physical event a year.”

NFCW Expo exhibitors and Contactless World Congress partners and sponsors are eligible to present their contactless products and services during our supplier showcase sessions at no extra cost. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can find out how to exhibit, sponsor or partner here or email [email protected] to find out more.

The NFCW team looks forward to showcasing your contactless products and services in 2023!

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