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ST explains how NFC tags with digital signatures can provide end-to-end protection against counterfeiting throughout the supply chain

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NFC tags that include support for digital signatures can provide protection against counterfeiting and grey market goods right through the supply chain — from the factory, through the distribution chain to the retailer and the consumer — chip maker STMicroelectronics explains in a white paper now available to download from the NFCW Knowledge Centre... More

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ST webinar explores the potential of Type 5 NFC tags — watch it now

Slides from STMicroelectronics' NFC Type 5 webinar

PARTNER NEWS: NFC World readers are invited to join ST Microelectronics’ Jim Barlow for a 20 minute webinar exploring the potential of NFC Type 5, the NFC-RFID crossover technology that gives longer range ‘vicinity’ communication with dedicated reader hardware and also allows ‘proximity’ interaction with a smartphone... More

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Dejamobile reports on the development of a generic TEE solution for securing HCE mobile payment apps

'Securing HCE mobile payments with TEEs' white paper covershot

PARTNER NEWS: Card issuers could soon be able to more easily make use of trusted execution environments (TEEs) to add security to their HCE mobile payments apps, mobile transaction specialist Dejamobile explains in a new white paper which is now available to download free of charge from the NFCW Knowledge Centre. More

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Rambus sets out the benefits of using a token gateway to protect EMV card-on-file data

Covershot: Five reasons why ecommerce sites need a token gateway

EMV card-on-file payment tokenization is set to both reduce online fraud and deliver a range of benefits to merchants but implementation will not be straightforward, Rambus explains in a new paper that sets out the advantages of using a token gateway to simplify the integration and management process. More

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NFC Forum white paper explains how brands and retailers can use NFC to build stronger connections with consumers

Covershot: Bridging digital and physical retail with NFC

NFC technology can be used by both brands and retailers to forge and strengthen a connection with consumers throughout the customer journey, the NFC Forum explains in a new white paper that provides detailed tips, ideas and guidance on how to take advantage of the technology’s potential. More

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Rambus explains how online merchants can use card-on-file EMV tokenization to reduce fraud and improve the online payments experience

Covershot: What is card-on-file EMV tokenization?

Card-on-file EMV tokenization, where primary account numbers (PANs) stored in a card-on-file database are replaced with payment tokens that can be restricted to a specific retailer, offers online merchants a way to both increase security and create a near frictionless buying experience, Rambus explains in a new ebook which is available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre. More

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NXP unveils high security NFC tags that let brands deliver digitally connected products at scale

A brochure explaining the NTAG 424 DNA's features, benefits and suggested applications is now available in the NFC World Knowledge Centre

PARTNER NEWS: NXP has launched two new NFC tags that incorporate both product protection and channel authentication security features, enabling brands to take advantage of the tag reading capabilities of both Android and iOS devices to roll out NFC-based customer communication and product authentication services at scale. More

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NFC workforce and asset management platform provider Ginstr joins the NFC World Partner Program

PARTNER PROFILE: Ginstr’s SaaS platform provides companies looking to efficiently manage their field staff or their assets with a quick and simple to deploy cloud-based solution that comes with over 80 pre-developed applications and can be fully branded and tailored to meet each customer’s specific needs. More

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SPA white paper examines the potential of bank cards with built-in biometric sensors

Cover shot: 'Biometrics in payment: Breaking down barriers with high value payments'

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: Biometric sensor-on-card solutions, where a fingerprint sensor is built into a standard EMV card, “represent an important step forward for the finance industry, opening the way to eliminating fraud for issuers and cardholders, reducing costs and providing the additional security and identity verification required to support remote or cross-border transactions,” the authors of a new white paper conclude. More