What's New in Payments

Antelop lets banks provide their customers with a way to manage tokenized cards from within their mobile banking app

Antelop Solutions Token Manager in action on mobile banking apps

PARTNER NEWS: Antelop Solutions has launched a tokenized card management solution that makes it possible for banks to provide their customers with the ability to view, control, push, update and manage the card details that they have shared with all the different mobile wallet providers and ecommerce merchants they deal with — from within their mobile banking app... More

What's New in Payments

Manchester bar to introduce finger vein biometrics for payments, age verification and Covid-19 contact tracing

FinGo finger vein biometrics scanner

The Alchemist, a busy cocktail bar and restaurant in the UK city of Manchester, is to roll out a new service that uses finger vein biometrics to provide a combined payments, age verification and permission-based contact tracing service that removes the need for customers to carry a physical ID card... More