Czech company lets couples monitor their heartbeats via Bluetooth-enabled smart wedding rings

Bluetooth-enabled smart wedding ring that  lets couples monitor their heartbeats
BLUETOOTH PAIRING: The smart wedding rings connect to real-time monitoring via a mobile app

A Czech couple has celebrated their wedding by giving each other Bluetooth-enabled smart wedding rings that enable them to monitor each other’s heartbeat on their smartphones.

Jiri and Ondrej Vedral exchanged the rings at their wedding service, allowing them to connect to real-time monitoring of their heartbeats via a mobile app.

“HB Rings are [the] only smart rings which let you see and feel [the] heartbeat of your loved ones on your ring,” Czech-based technology provider The Touch says.

“Made out of durable materials, they are designed to last for life.

“Being only smart rings with large lighting, haptic feedback and wireless charging, HB Rings are the most sophisticated rings ever made.”

“Although the first iteration went on limited sale back in 2016, the company is now seeing an increase in global interest thanks to the wider surge in the smart ring sector,” BBC News reports.

“In addition, the business has this year launched a new parallel product — The Touch Locket. To be worn on a necklace, this has the same technology as the smart rings.

“Its target customers include engaged couples who might like the idea of being able to feel their loved one’s heartbeat, but don’t want to forgo having traditional wedding rings.”

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