New York grocery store launches contactless scan and pay shopping

Woman using Foodcellar contactless scan and pay shopping system in new york store
CASHIERLESS: Customers scan a QR code to enter, scan the items they want, then pay with their phone

Customers at Foodcellar Market grocery stores in New York City in the US can now scan the items they wish to purchase with their smartphone and then pay for them from their mobile device before leaving the store.

To use the service, customers first access the store’s Scan & Pay system by scanning a QR code at the store entrance. Once they have scanned all the items they have selected and paid for them, they then confirm their payment by scanning another QR code at the exit to the store.

“Our customers have shared their surprise at how easy it is to use Scan & Pay — there’s no need to download an app or learn complicated technology,” Foodcellar Market co-founder Metin Mangut says.

“We’ve been really pleased with the early adoption and our store associates love how Scan & Pay reduces stress for them too.”

Foodcellar Market is the first retailer to introduce the Scan & Pay technology developed by Instacart, the grocery delivery giant that also supplied the AI-powered contactless point of sale technology implemented at Boston’s Fenway Park baseball ground in April 2022.

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