NFCW introduces new ways for contactless technology suppliers to reach new customers in 2023

A word cloud of company names: Executives from these organisations and thousands more are members and readers of NFCW
REACH: Executives from these organisations and thousands more are members of NFCW

NFCW has introduced new benefits and pricing for contactless technology and solutions providers looking to boost their visibility and connect with potential new customers in 2023.

Opportunities to share your product news, white papers and webinars, generate leads and promote your thought leadership and your products and services at Contactless World Congress are now available to suit everyone from the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, with options starting from just £95 (US$111/€108) a month.

Our flagship partner program now also comes with additional benefits at no extra cost, including automatic sponsor status and speaking rights at all Contactless World Congress events in 2023.

Allocations are on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you book, the better your positioning will be — and the better your chance of first pick of opportunities to speak.

Full details and pricing for all our options, information on the audience you will reach and a no-obligation reservation form that lets you lock in your positioning for 28 days while you discuss participation with your team are available here.

The NFCW team looks forward to working with you in 2023!

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