Shanghai launches Mobility-as-a-Service app that rewards users for choosing greener travel options

Aerial view of Shanghai, its river and infrastructure
GREENER TRAVEL: The Suishenxing app lets users pay for travel by public transport, book taxis and pay for parking across Shanghai IMAGE:

Transportation agencies in Shanghai in China have launched a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) app that enables users to pay for their journeys by bus, ferry and metro services, book taxi rides and find and pay for parking spaces across the city from their smartphone.

In order to promote the use of environmentally friendly modes of transport, the Suishenxing app also rewards registered users with credits every time they choose a greener travel option such as the metro or bus.

“Through its public transportation service, users can enjoy a swipe-for-all pass that includes all codes needed to take public transport. It can now be applied on Shanghai’s 1,560 bus lines, 17 ferry lines, and 11 metro lines after registering and opening the payment feature on MaaS,” Shanghai Daily’s digital news service Shine reports.

“The MaaS will also work with Shencheng Travel, a cab-hailing service, and Shanghai Parking, an app that offers access to 890,000 parking spaces and more than 4,300 parking facilities.”

Shanghai transport users without a smartphone will be able to ‘pair’ with a Suishenxing-registered relative in order to pay via the app for taxi rides initiated by “pressing a button or scanning their faces at locations with digital cab-hailing screens” connected to the Shencheng Travel service.

“The local transportation agencies will continue adding features to the Suishenxing app, as the service is expected to cover the entire Metro system by the end of 2022,” Shine says.

“The platform aims to create more intelligent and practical travel options for locals by gradually extending its travel services across the entire Yangtze River Delta and other areas.” 

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