Curve partners with Fidesmo to roll out contactless wearable payments across Europe

Person making contactless payment with ring using curve digital wallet and Fidesmo Pay
WEARABLE PAYMENTS: Curve digital wallet users can now add multiple payment cards to a range of wearable NFC devices via Fidesmo Pay

Curve digital wallet users across Europe can now add multiple payment cards to a range of wearable NFC devices including rings, bracelets, watches and pens and use them to make contactless payments via the Fidesmo Pay wearable payments platform.

Fidesmo has added support for the Curve app that enables users to link all their debit, credit and loyalty cards to a single payment card and manage their transactions across different accounts. This means that Curve users can now make wearable payments with Fidesmo Pay even if their bank or card issuer does not directly support the payments service.

“By partnering with Fidesmo, Curve is enabling users in the UK and the European Economic Area to add multiple payment cards to Fidesmo partner devices such as rings, bracelets, keyrings, watches and pens, and pay at contactless terminals,” Curve says.

“This collaboration will tap into the growing interest in wearable payment devices. In turn, it will give over 400 million consumers across Europe access to new contactless payment technologies.”

Wearable devices that support Fidesmo Pay include Tapster rings, key fobs and watches, Invis watchstraps, Pagopace and Cnick payment rings, K-Pay, Neos and Oili bracelets and wristbands, Mondaine and Berg watches, and Von Moos pens.

“We are very happy about our continued growth potential for Fidesmo Pay with the addition of Curve,” Fidesmo CEO Mattias Eld says.

“It’s an important milestone for the company to be able to work with such an extensive and pivotal issuer. With Curve, Fidesmo and our partners can continue the work of broadening and building the number of contactless payment solutions to the market.

“Our next step is to widen our library of connected accessories together with our partners Pagopace and Mondaine, among others.

“Our goal is to offer every customer a way to blip and pay that suits them best.”

Tapster launched its passive payments ring with Fidesmo in August 2021.