Manchester’s Metrolink drops one-day travel passes from mobile ticketing app to cut fare evasion

Man making contactless payment on device on Manchester Metrolink
FARE CAP: Passengers are being encouraged to use Metrolink’s open loop contactless payment system with daily and weekly fare capping

Passengers travelling on the Metrolink tram network in the UK city of Manchester can no longer purchase a one-day travel pass on Transport for Greater Manchester’s Get Me There mobile ticketing app and are instead being encouraged to use the network’s open loop contactless fare payment system that incorporates daily and weekly fare capping.

Metrolink has removed the option from the app because of concerns that enabling passengers to purchase a one-day travel pass on their smartphone allows users travelling without a ticket to avoid paying a fine by immediately adding a one-day pass to their device when they see a ticket inspector approaching.

Metrolink phased out single ride tickets on the Get Me There app for similar reasons in June 2020 and now only allows users to purchase adult weekend, seven- and 28-day travelcards on the app.

“We are operating in an extremely challenging financial environment, and whilst most passengers are honest and travel on Metrolink with valid tickets, we know that a minority blatantly try to travel without paying, only buying a single ticket via the app when they see ticket inspections taking place. This type of behaviour is dishonest and unfair on fare-paying passengers,” head of Metrolink Danny Vaughan told Manchester Evening News.

“Fare evasion also takes potential revenue away that could be invested into network improvements and extensions which benefit all users plus ensures that we can continue to operate current services, which millions of people across Greater Manchester rely on to access work, leisure, and essential services.

“With this in mind, we have made the decision to remove certain ticket options from the app, particularly as contactless travel popularity continues to grow.

“Approximately 150,000 contactless journeys are made every week and growing, and we would encourage anyone with a contactless-enabled bank card that requires a single or one-day travelcard to use this method of payment.”

A total of more than 10m tram journeys have now been made using the network’s open loop contactless fare payment system since it was launched in July 2019, Metrolink says.

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