Estée Lauder cosmetics brand Too Faced adds NFC tags to product samples

Estée Lauder / Too Faced cosmetics product samples with NFC tags and smartphone to drive customer engagement
ENGAGEMENT: Customers tap the samples containing NFC tags with their phone to register for discounts

US-based cosmetics brand Too Faced has added NFC tags to 100,000 samples of its Maximum Plump lip gloss, enabling recipients to access a special landing page and register for a discount on future purchases by scanning the tag with their Apple or Android NFC smartphone.

The brand — which is owned by the Estée Lauder Companies — distributed the NFC-enabled samples in a monthly box sent out by beauty products subscription service BoxyCharm in order to trial the use of NFC in its sampling and marketing strategy.

“Every beauty brand out there has some sort of sampling strategy, but it’s been the same for many years,” Too Faced’s Somer Tejmani told fashion publication Glossy.

“Instead of just giving someone a product, [we asked ourselves] ‘How can we educate, entertain and inspire them to want to learn more about the product and want to engage with the brand in a new way?’”

Clinique added an NFC chip to the packaging of a skincare product to enhance post-purchase customer engagement in April 2022.

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