American Airlines Center in Dallas gets contactless food and drink stores

Market To-Go contactless food and drink store at the American Airlines Center in Dallas
CONTACT FREE: Customers do not need to scan items or use a checkout at the Market To-Go store

The American Airlines Center in Dallas in the US has opened the first of two contactless food and drink outlets that enable fans attending sports and entertainment events at the arena to walk in, select the snacks and refreshments they wish to purchase and pay for them without needing to scan them or use a checkout.

The Market To-Go store on the arena’s Terrace Level uses a system of AI-powered cameras and mobile payment technology that registers which products customers take from the shelves and charges them for their purchases via a checkout app that users can download when they enter the store.

A second Market To-Go contactless outlet is due to open in the arena’s main concourse later this month. 

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