Adidas rolls out contactless in-store shopping in the Philippines

Adidas contactless in-store shopping app on a phone in the Philippines
IN-STORE SHOPPING: Customers can scan items, check stock, request their size and purchase on the spot

Customers using an Adidas store in Manila in the Philippines can now select products, request different sizes and styles to try on and pay for their purchases directly from their smartphone.

The sports retailer has added support for the ‘Bring it to me’ feature on the Adidas app at its store in the capital’s Glorietta shopping centre, enabling customers to scan products on display with their mobile device, interact with staff via the app and receive suggestions for alternatives if the product they wish to purchase is not available in store.

The service “uses in-store geolocation tracking to provide an uninterrupted browsing experience,” Adidas says.

“Shoppers can scan products, check stock, request their size and purchase on the spot as they shop without the need for queues or designated collection spaces.”

Adidas first began trialling the Bring it to me feature at its flagship Oxford Street store in London, UK, in October 2019, and has subsequently rolled it out to selected stores worldwide, including those in Dubai, Berlin and Singapore.

A short video shows how the feature works.

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