US credit union to let customers authenticate banking transactions with mobile driving licence

Utah Credit Union mDL with QR code on phone
DIGITAL PROOF: Drivers with an mDL will be able to use it as legal ID for all UCCU banking transactions

Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU) is to become the first financial institution in the US state to let its customers use Utah’s mobile driving licence (mDL) as a legal form of identification for all banking transactions.

The Utah mDL enables users to provide digital proof of their identity by tapping their mobile device on an NFC reader or by showing a QR code for scanning.

The state is launching an mDL pilot with a limited number of participants this month with plans to expand the trial to a further 10,000 motorists later this year.

“We are excited to be a pioneer in Utah’s mDL pilot, as we believe standardised mobile IDs provide a more convenient, safe and secure means for our members to entrust their identity information to us,” UCCU CIO Justin Olson says.

“It has long seemed logical for driver’s licenses and IDs to follow the path of credit cards, and so many other parts of life, by going mobile.

“The pandemic has really accelerated our pursuit of ways to enable contactless exchanges of information and improve our customer service.”

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