Russian supermarkets let customers make contactless payments ‘with a glance’

Contactless payments ‘with a glance' at an X5 supermarket
BIOMETRICS: Sberbank customers can now pay for goods via 3D face recognition at X5 self-checkouts

Customers at more than 50 branches of Russian food retail group X5’s Perekrestok supermarkets can now pay for their purchases at self-checkout devices “with a glance” using a biometric payments solution that uses 3D face recognition technology.

Pay with a Glance is being made available to Sberbank customers who can register for and link a payment card to the service via the Sberbank Online mobile app.

They can then scan their purchases at an X5 biometric-enabled self-checkout and pay by selecting the ‘Pay with a Glance’ option on the checkout device and looking into a 3D camera.

“It takes only a few seconds to pay with a glance, and the service is comparable to a regular bank card transaction in terms of speed,” X5 says.

“Neither bank card nor a smartphone is needed.”

“The basic solution uses a 3D camera with high detection accuracy and depth capture, allowing for easy and quick facial recognition that takes into account a person’s height and changes in appearance,” the retailer adds.

“The high-resolution camera ensures a high level of security and prevents spoofing.”

X5 plans to roll the service out to 150 Perkrestok supermarkets by the end of March, with “several” of its Pyaterochka convenience stores in Moscow due to implement the solution in April.

“After reviewing the results of the first pilot phase and collecting customer feedback, X5 will determine whether to scale up the service across all of the regions where it operates,” the company says.

“In total, biometric payment technology may be expanded to some 3,000 X5 stores by the end of 2021.”

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