Antelop explains how token management solutions can help banks cut costs and improve their customers’ user experience

Antelop token management solution webinar presentation cover
DIGITAL CARDS: The webinar explores the latest developments in tokenization and how they benefit issuers

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: Token management solutions that enable consumers to self-manage their digital cards from within their mobile banking app will provide issuers with the ability both to reduce customer service costs and improve customer experience, Antelop Solutions CEO Nicolas Bruley explains in a 22-minute webinar now available to view in the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

‘Tokenization Management’ is hosted by NFCW editor Sarah Clark and provides insights into current developments within the tokenization ecosystem, the benefits these offer to ecommerce merchants and consumers, and the challenges facing banks wishing to offer customers a seamless card management experience.

During the webinar, Bruley explains in detail how Antelop’s new Token Manager solution addresses the complexities arising from the latest developments in tokenization.

The solution enables cardholders to add, view and manage their digital cards quickly and simply from within their mobile banking app, and has been developed to help banks keep competitive “because all the ecosystem is growing more and more complex.”

“Now a card can be put in wallets, in merchants, they can be blocked, unblocked, resumed, your card can be blocked, but the tokens are not blocked, and then the token is blocked, but the card is not blocked etc,” Bruley says.

“All the models are getting more and more complex. So what we want to do is to help the bank to make an abstraction of this complexity, and we want it to be just a simple UI project for the bank.”

Readers wanting to learn more about the latest trends in tokenization and Antelop Solutions’ Token Manager solution can watch the full webinar in the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

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