Antelop lets banks securely display customers’ digital cards on their mobile phones

Antelop Secure Interface digital card display on 2 smartphones
ECOMMERCE ENABLED: Antelop’s Secure Interface lets banks offer customers a full-service digital card

PARTNER NEWS: Antelop Solutions has launched a Secure Interface solution that enables banks to provide their customers with the ability to securely display sensitive digital card information on their mobile phones.

This, in turn, simplifies the process of offering a full-service digital card offering to consumers, Antelop says.

“The mobile display of highly sensitive card information is a key element of a competitive digital card offering,” Antelop explains. “More and more users are expecting to be able to use the virtual version of their physical payment card to shop online. Some of them consider it as a backup to their physical card while others are going for a digital-only card.

“To enable ecommerce payments through digital cards, however, banks must be able to provide their customers with a way to display their card number, expiry date and  CVV — a highly sensitive operation.

“Antelop’s Secure Interface solution addresses this issue by providing an iOS and Android SDK that uses end-to-end encryption mechanisms to securely transfer sensitive information between a mobile application and the bank.

“This desensitises the mobile application and any intermediate servers as they have no way to decrypt or alter sensitive data. Integration is also simplified as banks do not rely on Antelop servers for display, but only at the initialization stage.”

The new secure interface service also makes it possible for customers both to display and modify their physical card’s PIN on their mobile device, Antelop adds.

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