Dejamobile gets Visa certification for high value contactless transaction acceptance on standard NFC devices

Dejamobile ReadyToTap for Merchants Visa Certified Tap to Phone with PIN
VISA CERTIFIED: Dejamobile’s sPOS enables merchants to use NFC devices for PIN entry and contactless transactions

PARTNER NEWS: Dejamobile has received Visa certification for a solution that enables merchants to be provided with the ability to accept both low and high value contactless transactions on a standard Android NFC smartphone or tablet.

The certification for Dejamobile’s ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution means that merchants around the world can now use an NFC phone as both a PIN entry device and a contactless POS terminal, making it possible for them to process transactions that are both below and above their local contactless transaction limit on their mobile phones.

“Dejamobile is the first French player and in the top five worldwide to launch a solution of this type certified by Visa,” the company says. “Already selected by three major European acquirers and the French fintech Famoco, our solution is the leading ‘software POS’ solution in France. Dejamobile’s ambition is to accelerate its deployment in 2021 to be among the European leaders in this field.”

“With this certification, Dejamobile is capable of deploying its ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution all over the globe,” CTO Ahmad Saif told NFCW.

“We are part of a small circle of vendors able to support the online PIN and to remove any limit for the transaction amount that a merchant can handle. Moreover, the solution can run over a smartphone and a tablet covering the needs of all segments of merchants.

“The softPos technology is a significant step forward for the whole industry willing to offer ubiquitous payment means and new omnichannel checkout experiences.”

Readers interested in finding out more about the potential of sPOS technology can download an in-depth white paper from the NFCW Knowledge Centre.