Philippe Starck designs NFC payments ring

Aeklys by-Starck smart ring nfc wearable
SECURE PAYMENT: The Aeklys by Starck smart ring uses security architecture developed by NXP

Iconic designer Philippe Starck has created a smart ring that can be used to store payment cards and transport passes, make contactless payments, and transfer business and ID information.

The Aeklys by Starck ring operates without needing to be connected to a smartphone or network and does not require charging as it works without a battery. 

The €249 (US$293.62) ring uses security architecture developed by NXP and incorporates an instant deactivation system to guard against theft, as well as anti-fraud and data encryption technology.

It is produced by Icare Technologies, which says that it is testing additional services such as vehicle and building access, loyalty programmes, parking payments and home automation. It adds that the ring will be automatically updated as new services become available.

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