Klip digital wallet goes live in UAE

Klip digital cash on a smartphone
DIGITAL WALLET: Customers of three banks in the UAE can now use Klip to make cashless digital payments

Customers of First Abu Dhabi Bank, Mashreq Bank and the National Bank of Fujairah in the UAE can now make cashless digital payments using Klip, the digital wallet that forms part of the country’s new national digital cash replacement platform.

The Klip wallet has been developed by Emirates Digital Wallet (EDW) and enables users to make instant cashless digital payments directly from their bank account or from value stored in the digital wallet.

“In addition to our launch partners, more banks are in the testing phase and will soon be offering Klip to their customers,” says EDW chairman Mohammed Al Jayyash.

“In parallel, we are developing a Klip-branded mobile app to be released in the fourth quarter, to allow anyone across the UAE, visitors and residents alike, to switch to digital cash, regardless of whether or not they have a bank account.”

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