NFC testing innovator Cilab opens NFCW Expo showcase

CILAB: Visit the company’s NFCW Expo showcase to learn about its high-speed NFC test equipment

NFCW EXPO: NFC testing innovator Cilab is providing NFCW readers with early access to a showcase in the NFCW Expo hall that provides information on how its ci230 high speed NFC tester works, the benefits it offers to both engineers and to budget holders — and highlights the testimonials it has received from customers.


Cilab’s ci230 high speed NFC tester is designed to make it quicker and easier to conduct pre-certification testing, enabling NFC engineers to speed up time to market for innovative new products.

The company’s showcase includes a detailed product presentation, reviews from customers at NXP, Invenco and HID Global, a real-time video that shows just how quickly its tester works and a QuickConnect box that NFCW Knowledge Centre members can use to contact the Cilab team for more information.

The NFCW Expo opens its doors on 21 September. You can get early access to Cilab’s showcase here and find out more about opening your own exhibition booth in the NFCW Expo here.