Uber Eats adds contactless ordering and payments for restaurant meals and takeouts in the US

Uber Eats contactleordering and payments apps
TAKEAWAY: Uber Eats users can now use the app to make contactless orders and payments for meals

Diners will soon be able to use a new feature in the Uber Eats app to make contactless orders and payments in US restaurants, whether they are dining in or ordering a takeaway meal.

“The tool is aptly called ‘Uber Eats Contactless Order Feature’ and the idea is to enable you to cover your bill via the app when you’re at a restaurant to prevent unnecessary exchanges of heavily touched items, such as credit cards, pens and bill holders,” USA Today reports.

“Customers can either scan a QR code at the establishment if they’re dining in or find the restaurant on the Uber Eats app for takeout. From there, you can order and pay for your meal on the app.

“At the restaurant, the food will be brought to their table. If you’re ordering takeout, you can drop by to pick up your order at a later time.”

The takeaway option is rolling out nationwide this week, while the dine-in feature will be launched in Indianapolis, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Vermont, Atlanta, New York City and Washington DC before being extended to other US markets.

“We all have a role to play in keeping each other safe and healthy, and our Contactless Order feature for both pick-up and dine-in provides another tool for customers and restaurant staff to do just that,” Uber Eats’ Daniel Danker told USA Today.

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