NFCW Expo: Exhibition and sponsorship information now available

NFCW's editor Sarah Clark explains how the NFCW Expo works
ONLINE FIRST: NFCW’s Sarah Clark explains how the NFCW Expo can help suppliers reach their markets at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has closed down major tradeshows worldwide

The NFCW Expo provides industry suppliers with a way to launch new products, showcase their thought leadership and connect directly with a global audience of senior executives and technical specialists, NFCW editor Sarah Clark explains in a presentation now available in the NFCW Knowledge Centre.

In the 12-minute presentation, Sarah explains how the NFCW Expo works and sets out the options available to those taking part.

The NFCW Expo is “a new kind of trade show for the new kind of world that we now find ourselves in,” she says.

It is designed to provide all the benefits of exhibiting at a physical trade show — plus the added benefits that come from the global, year-round reach of an online-first format, Sarah adds.

“Even the most senior executives now take an online-first approach to educating themselves about new technologies and to building a shortlist of suppliers who are best positioned to assist with adopting them.

“That’s a trend that we’ve been seeing for a long time, but Covid-19 and the cancellations of the physical trade shows in the industries that we report on have accelerated it really fast.”

Doors open on 21 September. Watch Sarah’s presentation and download a slide deck from the NFCW Knowledge Centre to find out how you can get involved.

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